DAK healthcare - 360° protection for you & your family

If you or a family member should become ill, then DAK healthcare will bear the costs of both the treatment and the expenses for your medicare. 

1. best service

DAK healthcare has more than 500 service centers in Germany. In 2017, DAK Healthcare  won the customer service award „best family service“ so you are in no doubt whatsoever that you are in capable hands and with a company who delivers on what it says. Whatever questions you may have concerning your healthcare and wellness, DAK is able to inform, deliver and support you and your family.

2. cost cover

In Germany you can purchase medicines in pharmacies which have been prescribed by a doctor. Your DAK healthcare pays for these medicines. The insured person has to make a partial payment of 5 to 10 Euro.  Whatever happens to your health you do not have to pay for your operation, treatment and health expenses. 

 3. e-health Card

You will receive your personal e-health Card and from then on you get medical treatment without spending money or paying medical bills. DAK will take care of  that directly with the doctors accountant. With your e-health card you can go to a doctor of your choice and following that DAK will automatically take care of the treatment costs. 

 4. protection

If you are protected by DAK healthcare you can get all required vaccinations  and check–ups needed. You are supported by the cooperating doctor and dentist of your personal choice. The only requirement is that he is a licensed statutory health insurance fund doctor. Most of the doctors in Germany have this license. In case you need a dental prosthetics, the dentist will provide these for you. 

 5. prevention  

Furthermore, you can have preventive examinations for cancer, diabetes, dental and cardiovascular diseases. DAK healthcare supports you with all necessary check-ups to keep you healthy. Many diseases beginn unnoticed and are very dangerous, sometimes deadly. You are supported with a comprehensive range of preventive services to avoid these incidents.

 6. rehabiltation

Should be ill for a longer period of time, then you do not have to worry about your income because DAK also offers financial security.  A network of medical specialists support you in regaining your health, modern hospitals and professional rehabilitation clinics ensure that all the steps to recover your health are perfectly coordinated.

 7. childrens care

Expecially for children there is a wide variety of special care. In addition, you can renew their and your vaccination protection free of charge and thus protect your beloved family against dangerous infectious diseases. And in the case of pregnancy the mother and her baby are going to  receive the best pre- and postnatal medical care. 

 8. family service

You get the protection for yourself, your wife and your children if they are staying as dependants with you in Germany. DAK covers all recommended vaccinations for adults as well as children and provides the best service for the whole family.

DAK insurance rates

STUDENTS pay 88,13 Euro per month for health-insurance & 24,82 Euro for long term care insurance (no dependent kids).

EMPLOYEES pay about 8 % & SELF-EMPLOYED About 16 % of their monthly income (rates are subject to change).

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German Service Manager & CEO 

Mrs. Ingrid Riedlberger

Email:  inri@cablenet.de

Phone: +49 89 2284 8611

Mobile: +49 176 5017 0105

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USA - English

English Service Manager & CDO

Mr. Rainer Franke - bit.ly/weblord1

Arabellastraße 5/1319, 81925 München

Email:  Rainer.m.franke@outlook.de

Mobile/WhatsApp: +49 172 8621334

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India - English

India Service Manager 

Mr. Thirugnanasambandham

Chennai, Tamilnadu, India 600 024

Email: healthcaredak@gmail.com
Mobile/WhatsApp: +91 9884 359 585

"I speak Tamil & English and help you in India"     

Romanesc Service Manager

Mrs. Saphia Amamadi

Email:   saphiaamamadi11@gmail.com

Mobile: +380 (95) 074 92 83 

"I speak Russian & English and will support you"


Bulgarian Service Manager

Mr. Diyan 

Varna 9000, Strandja 53/7

Mobile: +359 878 760 776  

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